Have you ever seen a rural house with a Spa and sauna?

Discover our jacuzzi located in the old tub of the house’s cellar.”

Cal Miqueló 1778 Spa

Cal Miqueló’s spa is located in what was the old wine cellar of the house. More than 200 years of history breath through the walls which surround a space from the 18th century, refurbished to offer a place for relaxation and calm for our guests. The spa includes a thermal pool, a jacuzzi, a Finnish sauna and a shower with olive oil-scented shower gel.


    Deep in the rock, hidden from the main room where we find the swimming pool and the sauna, and naturally lit through glass windows which connect to the outside, a circular space opens up where guests can enjoy the marvellous effects produced by thousands of water bubbles which massage the entire body as they pass it by. Did you know it is located in what was the old vault of the wine cellar of the house?

    Finnish sauna

    The icing on the cake, a cake in the form of a spa. A space which cleanses and purifies. A unique space within an environment that offers calm and relaxation. A luxury within the reach of our guests.

    Thermal pool

    32ºC water which flows from a tap with a lot of history. A unique and exclusive space designed to offer guests a 100% relaxing and revitalising stay.

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